Cypriot People

Cypriot People

During your time in Cyprus, you will learn the true meaning of hospitality.

The visitors to the Island are most impressed by the hospitality of the Cypriot people as they are not only warm-hearted and welcoming but also very generous.

Coffee houses are amongst the places where the visitors may experience traditional hospitality. It’s not surprising that one of the most well-known expressions is “A single cup of coffee is remembered with respect for forty years”.

In fact, the relationship between the coffee and the hospitality is rather an old one; “The heart desires neither coffee nor coffee house, what the heart desires is friendship”.

Life on Cyprus can best be described as relaxed. When you watch the locals socialising in bars and restaurants that are dotted throughout the island, you are immediately strucky by their carefree, happy attitude to much that life throws at them. You can't help but find yourself drawn into the warm atmosphere of the tavernas - filled with music, conversation and laughter.

Cypriot people enjoy making people feel welcome on their island and are also often very keen to chat to visitors. They enjoy hearing about other parts of the world and are also happy to discuss their own lives and the changes that have taken place over the years.

The tourism trade has flourished so greatly in recent years that you'll find that many people on Cyprus speak English, paving the way for many conversations.

When you talk to Cypriots you find out about what life is really like on the idyllic island - it's about much more than sun, hotels and beaches that are shown in holiday brochures!