Cyprus Climate

Cyprus Climate

Cyprus may only be the third largest island in the Mediterranean, but it is certainly the hottest and sunniest. With an average 326 sunshine days each year for the island as a whole, this truly is a paradise for everyone seeking that sun loving style.

The year starts about half-way through what can be called the rainy season, which lasts from November until early March. Winters in Cyprus are short and mild with snow being a virtually unknown phenomenon in the coastal regions.

Spring starts early, with temperatures beginning to rise noticeably towards the end of February.

At this stage, the weather in Cyprus leaves behind the winter's rains and sunshine becomes an almost permanent feature on this beautiful island.

The beginning of May usually sees a couple of weeks of windy weather with fresh spring breezes blowing in from the sea.

By the end of May, average temperatures begin to climb towards the more summery levels until they reach their apex during July and August.

The summery temperatures tend to last until well into September and rain is almost unheard of during the summer months.

Although most locals consider the 20th of September to be the date when the hot summer temperatures first begin to break, the weather in Cyprus stays pleasantly warm until much later than this. Even as late as the end of October, it is still possible to sit outside during the evenings without the need for a jacket or even a jumper.

The dividing line between autumn and winter is somewhere around the middle of November, when temperatures begin to drop noticeably and the rainy season sets in again, announcing the coming of winter.