Vehicle delivery: We are able to deliver 24/7 all over Cyprus as long as you have booked in advance. A) If we are delivering at the airport our representative will meet you at the airport arrival hall holding the Elephant rent a car sign and escort you to your car. B) If we are delivering at the hotel that you are staying at our representative will meet you at the hotel reception hall holding the Elephant rent a car sign and escort you to your car. C) If we are delivering at your holiday villa/apartment our representative will meet you at the street address that you will provide to us on booking.Our company provides vehicles without damage, however when unforeseen circumstances prevent this and a vehicle is rented out with existing damage, this damage will be recorded either on the vehicle condition diagram given in print on the rental agreement or by photos taken from our representative on delivery in the customer presence. The photos taken on delivery are to show the general condition of the vehicle before the rental period begins, which safeguards the customer firstly and the company secondly. In this way the rental company cannot claim any charges from the customer for any existing previous damages. These photos will be forwarded to the customer by email. When a customer signs up for a service (rental), they should have all the facts at their fingertips with the exact condition of the vehicle on delivery given by photos. Our company will not rent out vehicles with damage that in anyway causes the vehicle unsafe to drive or unfit for its purpose. The driver/renter has the right to refuse to conclude the rental agreement if the rental car is considered to be unsafe to drive.

Vehicle return: The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as provided on delivery. If the vehicle is returned out of hours the customer will still be responsible for the vehicle until a member of staff inspects the vehicle and ensures that is returned in its original condition as provided on delivery. Pictures will be taken showing the condition of the vehicle on return. Any damage not recorded on the delivery photos which have been forwarded by email to the customer on delivery date will be considered as new damage and the driver/renter will be held liable. New damages can be verified by comparing the photos taken on delivery date and the photos taken on return date. The vehicle condition photos with damages will be forwarded to the customer by email before we proceed to any charges. We also require that the vehicle must be returned with a clean interior, normal wear and tear is expected. If the vehicle interior is exceptionally dirty upon return or if there is damage to the seats, seat upholstery and carpets an additional charge for deep cleaning will be applied.

Damage determination and repairs: Most vehicle damages can be determined by a visual check over the body, interior, tools and accessories of the vehicle. The repairs can be completed only by a licensed and authorised repairer (our company will select the repairer) who will carry out quality repairs using only genuine parts. Repairs to the vehicle will be carried out in a way to minimise your costs taking into account availability of parts and repairer workload. High customer service is crucial for our company and we are committed to provide the same level of service to each and every one of our customers, therefore we are obliged to repair our vehicles when damaged to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.