In the case of an accident or damage or theft

In case of accident

14. Collision damage waiver full insurance: CDW full insurance included in the rental cost shifts all responsibility for any extra charges from the driver/renter to the car rental company in case of an accident with another vehicle on the public road.

This means that the car rental company waives the right to collect a high deductible from the driver/renter and most importantly it covers all the damages caused to the rental vehicle and third party therefore the driver/renter would not be responsible for any repair fees or additional charges in the case of a collision with another vehicle.

Have in mind that this level of insurance provided covers ONLY damages and third-party claims in the case that the rental car is involved in an accident with another vehicle on the public road.

In the case of an accident with another vehicle on the public road, even if it is the authorised driver of the rented vehicle error which resulted in a collision, the renter/driver is fully covered by our insurance scheme with ZERO excess liability as long as the correct procedure as written below is followed.

a. Our insurance policy states that you are required to report the accident, regardless of the amount of damage. Vehicles involved must never be removed from the place of the accident until the accident report is completed either by the policemen or by the auto insurance representative attending.

b. Any accident with another vehicle where the damage is significant or not, must always be reported to the police and to the auto insurance company straight away and brief information must be provided of where the incident took place in order for them to attend the place of accident. Contact details will be given in print on the rental agreement.

c. Any accident where there is damage to property, third party or if someone is injured will require a police report. Even if the police report is completed for the car accident, you must also notify the auto insurance company. The police are not responsible to report the accident to the auto insurance company so it is very important that you should report this. Injury claims especially have a way of escalating very quickly, even when they appear minor at the scene.

If the renter/driver do not report the accident to the police and to the auto insurance company immediately and comply with the requirements under the country's law, the insurance will become invalid and the renter/driver can be held liable up to the market value of the vehicle and third-party claims. The charges will be dependent on the actual extent of damages and third-party claims.

The CDW full insurance with ZERO excess liability included is to protect you from the financial burden of an accident and third-party claims, but failure to follow the reporting guidelines as given above and comply with the requirements under the country’s law may mean that full insurance protection becomes invalid.

While other car rental companies charge extra for this level of insurance starting from €8 up to €25 per day and the customer is still liable for a very high deductible which can quickly escalate to tens of thousands of euros our customers on the other hand have an advantage as this level of insurance is included in the rental cost with no extra charge as we believe in giving more for less.

You should always have in mind that there are insurance limitations which mean that CDW full insurance protection becomes invalid (refer to paragraph 19).

Additionally, you should be aware that unexpected damages that may occur without the rented vehicle being involved in collision with another vehicle on the public road are not covered by the CDW full insurance protection as given above therefore you will be required to pay an excess. You can find out more on paragraph 15.