Vehicles selected: Vehicles are booked by group, not by specific models and are subject to availability. Our company reserves the right to upgrade your vehicle without prior notice, if the model/group requested becomes unavailable for unforeseen circumstances. The rate will remain the same as originally quoted with no extra charge for the upgrade. However, we do consider your personal preferences and we will try our very best to provide you with the vehicle chosen. To ensure your personal preferences are met early booking is recommended.

Vehicle capacity: The number of people and luggage capacity given on our website is a guide only. While most of the vehicles given in our fleet can carry from 5 up to 8 people comfortably some vehicles have limited boot/cargo space. Vehicle luggage capacity depends on the luggage size, shape and the material made (plastic or fabric). If there are only 2-3 people travelling you may be able to use the back seats for extra luggage space, however this may not be possible if safety car seats are required, as extra seating room is occupied. In the case that all the vehicle seats are occupied either plan to travel light or book a larger size vehicle, it is more comfortable for passengers and suitable to carry your personal belongings. If you are in any doubt, we can advise you accordingly which vehicle is the most suitable for you in order to avoid any disappointment on delivery. Have in mind that vehicles are manufactured to carry people hence the seats and safety seat belts provided.

Optional extras: You can add any extras needed to your rental on the 3rd step of your online booking. A)We are able to supply child safety seats upon request with our vehicles. There are 2 categories available. Standard safety car seats and ISOFIX base safety car seats. In each category we have 4 types of safety seats such as: forward facing car seats, rear facing car seats (new-born), cushion booster seats and high back boosters. Standard safety car seats cost €2 per day extra and ISOFIX base safety car seats cost €5 per day extra. Be aware that child safety car seats are mandatory in Cyprus. Due to insurance rules and regulations, you will be required to fit the safety car seat yourself. B)We are also able to supply baby strollers (push chair) upon request with our cars. Each baby stroller costs €5 per day extra to hire. C)We are also able to supply satellite navigation systems with Cyprus road maps upon request with our cars. Each navigation system costs €2 per day extra to hire. D)We are also able to provide transfer for any excess luggage. This optional service must be booked in advance and can be obtainable for convenience reasons only as it provides assistance in transferring any excess luggage to your chosen destination. Whether you are travelling with golf clubs, baby prams, wheel chairs, mobility scooters or just excess luggage it’s no problem for us and is hassle free for you. E)Additional drivers may obtain the right to drive the rental vehicle at an extra charge of €2 per day. This charge may change according to the driver age and driving experience. F)After various customer requests for an extra safety package our customers now have the option to reduce their damage liability and automatically shift a part of their responsibility back to the rental company.