Nissan Note Manual - Group E

Nissan Note car hire in Laranca
  • Group E
  • 1400cc Engine
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 5 Doors
  • 5 Seats
  • 2 Large Bags
  • 1 Small Bags
  • Air Bags, CD Player, A/C


There seems to have been an influx of good family all-rounder’s onto the market in recent months and the Nissan Note fits perfectly into that niche. For in today's climate with more and more pressure to be kinder to the planet, there are constant financial rewards for the greener motorist. And the Note brings plenty to captivate the green brigade fan base. The carbon emissions figures are low, fuel consumption is impressive and the initial outlay is very reasonable. But one thing that is not low is the outstanding spec list that comes fitted as standard on the Note. Although the Note is never going to take first prize in a beauty contest it is distinctive and boasts quite a sturdy, solid build. Versatility is the key to any family vehicle these days and the 40/60 split folding rear seats add to the flexibility of the Note's load carrying capability. Rear seat passengers are spoiled as the clever design means there's plenty of legroom available in fairness, for a vehicle of its size, there is an impressive amount of storage compartments throughout, including a secret storage tray under the front passenger's seat. In and around town, the Note is responsive and the all-round visibility is excellent. Then out on the more open road, the 1.5-litre engine delivered plenty of power and road-holding was good too. The light steering and tight turning circle make it a friend in the urban jungle as parking and maneuvering are anything but a chore. Great looks, comfort, vision, safety, economy, low emissions and of course the legendary Nissan legacy are everything that a rental car in Paphos, Cyprus must be equipped with. Nissan has discovered a real opening in the market and the Note is proving it's just the vehicle to fill it.

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